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Your Way.....

Over the years I have coached dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people, mostly women, on how to be stronger, healthier, happier, thinner, more confident..... the list goes on. There are lots of commonalities, but there are many differences. And that is what I want to talk about today- differences. We are all the same as much as we are different. What works for your sister, your neighbor, your friend, might not be the answer for you.

That makes things more complicated, even harder, we can't always copy and paste and get the result we are looking for.

It may be trial and error.

It might be fail, fail, fail, then succeed.

You can read all the books, watch all the videos, listen to all the advise, but

then you have to buckle down and do the work, your work. You have to do things YOUR WAY. You have to be a trailblazer. Find your path.

Figure out what works for you.

Try one thing today and make it stick, then add another thing.

Or jump into the deep end with both feet and enjoy the ride.

There is the way that works for you, your way.

I can coach you if you need help, but I don't have all your answers.

I have lots of suggestions based on what I know and what has worked for others.

But neither of us knows what works for you until we try.

I have a client that eating 5-6 mini meals has been her answer to losing 50+ pounds.

I have another client that eating two really great nutrient dense meals and a snack or two has resulted in 35 pounds gone

I have a woman who didn't change anything but started sleeping 7-8 hours and feels like a new human.

I have a retiree that found swimming and it totally transformed both her figure and her life.

What works for you?

What will get you the furthest in your race.

The Longevity Race.

I have been listening to a book written by Dr. Peter Attia called Outlive, where he talks about longevity. I am fascinated and disturbed listening to this book, as well as very validated in what and how I coach people. We as a society are suffering from so many chronic diseases that can be impacted and even avoided by simple daily lifestyle changes. It is not too late, no matter how old you are, to make positive changes.

My Simple 7 framework is a great way to start, or add to what you might be doing. Find your way. Tell a friend or family member your plan. Ask for help if you don't know what to do. Start somewhere. Start today. This is your life, your only life. Let's make sure you can live it to the fullest. If you would like a copy of my Simple 7 Framework, message me


and I will send it to you.

Hugs, health & happiness,


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