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Deb Peters Coaching


My Story

Hi there!  I’m Deb.

I am a business owner, a Certified Personal Trainer,     a Health & Lifestyle Coach, a Swim & Triathlon Coach, a later-in-life athlete, a mom to three grown-up kids, a very blessed and lucky gramma,

 you get the picture, I wear many hats, just like YOU!


I have been on my own journey for quite some time, so I understand.  I left a high-pressure career as a retail store manager when my body, and my life, started spinning out of control.

It has been an adventure getting to this place.   A place where I am comfortable and confident in my body and myself. 

We can get you there too. 

I’m passionate about educating, inspiring, and coaching women like you to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes.  Most of my clients are in a mid to late-life transition... Career change, retirement, widowed, divorced, empty nester. 

I promise to provide a safe, loving, and supportive atmosphere without judgment and give you my full attention to help you learn how to grow into the best version of you. I will teach you how to discover what works best for you, your family, and your lifestyle so you can live and give fully to the people and things most important to you.

Certified Through: 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Health Coach

USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach

USAT Youth & Junior Triathlon Coach

ASCA Swim Coach

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