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Triathlon Training 

About from Deb Peters

In 2009 I jumped way outside of my comfort zone and signed up for my first triathlon.  That might not seem like a big deal to you, but, I have never been an athlete in my life, and at 47 years old seemed like a good time to start.  I fell in love with the sport.  All these years later, I still don’t love running, but I LOVE triathlons.  I quickly incorporated that into my business plan and started coaching women to do triathlons.  It took their mind off of the scale and they trained their body to perform for them, in the process their shapes changed. 

I then thought kids should be doing this.  Kids need to be active and find something they can do to challenge themselves and their abilities.

TriMonsters was born in 2014, and since then we have introduced many kids and their parents to a brand new sport, one you can train together with a group, but on race day, it is all you and your effort.

It has been one of the greatest joys of my adult life watching these kids grow up to be awesome athletes and exceptional humans.


Oh did I  mention that in 2021 at 59 years old I became an Ironman?!


That first August day when I dove in the water at Fort DeSoto, I would have never dreamed that a passion for sharing this sport with others would be born.  You just never know what can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.


Are you and/or your kids ready to TRI?


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"We started with TriMonsters when our oldest boys were 8 and 6 years old.  We were hesitant to start because our family had never done anything like this before. Our boys were swimmers, but were excited to try a new sport with three of their favorite things!  We were immediately hooked! The boys made so many friends and grew confident in their swimming, biking, and running abilities. The team was so supportive to all of the children and many of the parents raced in triathlons as well. The following year my husband completed his first sprint triathlon and has gone on to complete Olympic and half and FULL Ironman races. Our youngest child joined in once he turned 5 years old.  He was determined to race with his brothers! That year a few of the Mom’s decided to join in on the fun too! I completed my first Sprint triathlon with support from fellow TriMonster parents. Triathlon has been the center of some of our favorite memories with our children. It has become a family obsession!  We are so grateful for Coach Deb, Gene, and Heather! Our children’s confidence is largely contributed to the TriMonster team."

Kendra Howard

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