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Triathlon Coaching

Adults and Tri M

For XYZ years Deb Peters has been coaching Triathletes.... add triathlon bio and check for dates 

If you have a date picked out and are interested in virtual triathlon training click here.

Triathlete Success

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"We started with TriMonsters when our oldest boys were 8 and 6 years old.  We were hesitant to start because our family had never done anything like this before. Our boys were swimmers, but were excited to try a new sport with three of their favorite things!  We were immediately hooked! The boys made so many friends and grew confident in their swimming, biking, and running abilities. The team was so supportive to all of the children and many of the parents raced in triathlons as well. The following year my husband completed his first sprint triathlon and has gone on to complete Olympic and half and FULL Ironman races. Our youngest child joined in once he turned 5 years old.  He was determined to race with his brothers! That year a few of the Mom’s decided to join in on the fun too! I completed my first Sprint triathlon with support from fellow TriMonster parents. Triathlon has been the center of some of our favorite memories with our children. It has become a family obsession!  We are so grateful for Coach Deb, Gene, and Heather! Our children’s confidence is largely contributed to the TriMonster team."

Kendra Howard

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