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It can be really Simple

This program is just what you need if you are

feeling like you have hit a wall, are stuck or

are just getting started. 

It's me and YOU for six weeks. 

Starting with my Simple 7 Framework, we will find the areas that you are most stuck in and develop a roadmap. 

Teaching your brain and body how to communicate with each other, calming down your nervous system, and giving you some skills and drills that are easy to implement into the most chaotic schedule will set you up for success from the first call. 

You do not need to be local for us to work together.  In fact, many of my clients live states away from me and are finding much success in this program. 

Your investment into this, other than your time , is $750*.  

*this price includes one call per week and text/email communication. More calls may be added for an additional fee.

The Simple 7

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It doesn't have to be overwhelming-
That's why I created this Simple 7 framework for you

You are what you repeatedly do. Your success is found in your daily habits, but habit change takes practice.

Take the first step towards changing your life.

If you are not sure what you need or want, but know something needs to change, start with The Simple 7. 


This easy-to-implement lifestyle program is an introduction to healthy habits that will increase your energy, reduce stress, improve sleep quality and quantity, and change your body, your mood, and your life without overwhelming you or taking up too much of your time. 

Below you can register for the  Simple 7  self-paced mini-course that you can go through on your own, in your own time.  This framework can be used for a stay at home mom, a busy realtor, an executive, a business owner, a retiree and  teenagers.  This self -paced course is just $17. 

Quarterly , I coach a group over the course of seven days on how to implement this framework easily into your day and your life.

This group program is offered at $77.

The summer program starts July 17. 

Let's get you started on a healthier path, it's simple. 

What You Get:

Start with the basics!

What to put into the body.

Learn how important sleep is to your body.

Practice self care daily in just minutes.

Move and grow daily to become the best version of you.

I want to learn Simple 7,
Sign me up!

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