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Personal Training 

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”  Socrates


A sustainable approach to a fit and fabulous life.


Whether you are looking to increase strength and endurance, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, recover from an injury, train for a specific event, have the energy to keep up with your kids and grandkids, or lose twenty pounds- I can help.


My philosophy around your specific program is to focus on the functional movement patterns that best serve you and your goals.  Introducing applied neurology to lessen threat and to allow your body to move freely, without pain will make your workouts more productive. Everyone is unique, so your fitness program should be also.  Running isn’t for everyone.  Some of you out there are chronically tight and restricted in your movement, so first need to focus on postural alignment mobility and flexibility- pumping iron might have to wait.


All of my programs incorporate the seven primal movement patterns that make up a balanced approach to fitness.  

A gym in not required, or even recommended in the beginning. 

Your body and some simple tools are all we need to get you started on the road to being FIt & Fabulous.  

Set up your first call with me today- let’s get you active and functional for the rest of your life.


Look forward  to chatting with you,


Practicing Yoga

Personalization- All of my personal training programs are tailored to your individual timeline, health history, and goals.  



Preparedness- All personal training sessions are prepared for, and progressed into overtime. You will not be thrown into the deep to sink. 


Personal growth- Through personal training I want to focus on your fitness goals as well as transform your personal growth, this includes making health a habit, finding exercises you enjoy, and becoming disciplined in health. 


Proficient- As a career personal trainer for 15 years and certified in personal training and health and lifestyle coaching. You will be working with a trainer who has the tools you need. 


Progress- Sticking to your plan, you will have progress! And what you can achieve can far exceed your beliefs when we are a team. 

Anyone looking to improve their health, and overall well being, I strongly encourage you to visit Deb’s website and consider one of her programs.

Deb is amazing!!! She believes in 7 simple things everyone should do to lead their healthiest life: sleep; drink water; move your body; just eat real food; spend time in nature; me time; and gratitude!

So simple, yet life-changing! I’ve been working with Deb for over two years and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, physically and mentally!


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