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My goal for my clients is to SIMPLIFY success. Working together to eliminate the confusion around hitting goals, removing the mindset holding us back, and partnering on progress.

-Deb Peters 

Lifestyle Coaching
and Personal 

Writing these things is actually hard for me because I am such a hindsight thinker - I always remember things I wish I had added later. But - I highly recommend Deb Peters Coaching for getting yourself healthy and on track with a healthier lifestyle. I have ‘known’ Deb for nearly 10 years or so but we haven’t ever actually met face to face because of where I live. She’s been a great asset to me over the years for advice on all things healthy. I trust her knowledge about so many things related to foods and exercise because I know she’s’ done the research and put in the actual work. In September of 2021, I finally got ‘off the couch’ and asked her to coach me remotely to get me back on track with my health. I was sick of diet culture and the fad nonsense that isn’t ever  sustainable. Deb helped me daily with recipes, encouragement and helped me set goals. Just having someone to kind of answer to in a manner of speaking really helped me. I quickly saw results but also learned that this is a life goal - being healthy isn’t a quick fix - it takes daily focus and support. When I started with Deb in September, I was having migraines at least every two weeks. After focusing on nutrition and sleep, those headaches have nearly disappeared. I am beyond grateful for that. As a mom of 3 active kiddos, I don’t have time for headaches and low energy. Deb taught me to be more mindful of what I put in my body - food really is fuel and she taught me to pay much more attention to how my body feels after eating. It’s made a huge difference in my life and in the life of my family. When momma feels good, the family benefits! I am certain I will think of more but will end here for now by saying that I can’t speak highly enough of Deb and her willingness to help me and share all she has actually out into the practice of making the most out of life and health.


Anyone looking to improve their health, and overall well-being, I strongly encourage you to visit Deb’s website and consider one of her programs.

Deb is amazing!!! She believes in 7 simple things everyone should do to lead their healthiest life: sleep; drink water; move your body; just eat real food; spend time in nature; me time; and gratitude!   So simple, yet life-changing! I’ve been working with Deb for over two years and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, physically and mentally!


Five years and 80 pounds ago I made a New Years resolution to lose weight. I had NO idea where to start. I was overwhelmed by just the thought of starting. By luck and probably some help from a guardian angel, I met a coach who would change my life, and worked in my building so I couldn’t hide from her 😉.

She taught me how to eat better, make healthy choices and build muscle. I worked out with her three times a week (I miss my workout ladies!). That year I lost 50lbs! Coach Debbie Peters taught me I could do it and showed me how!


It's hard to find the right words to begin to show my appreciation for how you helped me get to a space in my health and mind to be able to enjoy my trip to Moab, Utah a few months ago.  I hope this testimonial will serve as a tiny step in showing you how grateful I am for knowing you and then in turn, for you believing in me.  


In September of 2021 I signed up for a running retreat in Moab, Utah with two of my best friends.  It was through their encouragement that I even entertained the idea of signing up for such a thing, as I am NOT a runner.  So the words 'running retreat" scared me to death!  The trip was planned for October of 2022.  When I said "yes" and paid my deposit I had full intention to cancel by the cancellation date of July 2022.   


Then one morning I was sitting in a motivational meeting and on a whim, I sent a text to Coach Deb. Let me start with my history with Coach Deb.  I met Coach Deb 7 years ago when I heard about a youth triathlon team here in Venice and took my 5 year old to check it out.  WOW!  Our experience on the triathlon team will need a separate testimonial, but in short version, Coach Deb took our 5 year old daughter into the Gulf of Mexico after she had just learned how to swim in a pool and held her on her hip the entire 1st season as she trained for the bike portion on training wheels!  By the time she was permitted, by USAA Triathlon rules, to compete, she was a confident triathlete!  Our experience as parents of an athlete on the TriMonsters Triathlon team then inspired my husband and I to train and compete in our very 1st triathlons.  We both completed a sprint triathlon under the goal time we had set for ourselves.  All while our daughter was completing several times a year in youth triathlons across the state.  If you have children and have any desire to simply introduce them to a sport that will help them gain strength and personal confidence, be sure to check into the TriMonsters Triathlon program.


In addition to my daughter training on her triathlon team I also attended some of Coach Deb's group exercise classes.  My intention and reason for this was to help me lose the 50 pounds of extra weight I had been carrying around with me since my baby girl Emma was born in 2013.  So on the date that I re-connected with Coach Deb which I will talk about next, she knows that I have not stayed consistent with any attempts to better my physical health.


Now back to my experience and what happened after my text to Coach Deb in July of 2022.  My text said, "Hi Coach Deb.  So I signed up for a running retreat in Moab, Utah in Oct. 2022 and I'm not ready.  Are you willing to help me prepare for this?".  Coach Deb responded by texting back, "Of course I will help you!  We have PLENTY  of time.  Call me when you can and let's get a plan together."  We had 11 weeks!   In my mind, that was not enough time!  I'm overweight which is one of the main reasons of my insecurity to hike in such places like Moab, Utah.  See, I'm afraid of my ability to stay steady on hikes that could be near steep ledges and such.  So my fear was not that I would not be able to keep up or complete the run, but instead, that I would not be strong enough or confident enough.  Coach Deb and I sat down, I shared my entire itinerary, we came up with a schedule and began training.  3 mornings a week I was face to face with Coach Deb, in her studio, as she led me through workouts that were super specific to prepare my mind and body to gain the strength to get to Moab, Utah and enjoy my time there.  I will never forget one of the 1st things Coach Deb said to me was, "You are going to a very beautiful and spectacular space on this Earth.  We are going to prepare you so that when you are there, you will have the confidence and endurance to be able to take it all in and enjoy every single moment."  She shared nutrition plans, stretching plans and at home work out plans that I could feasibly fit into my daily routine and very interrupted life of a Mom with a full time career.  We didn't focus on weight loss.  We focused on strength training and drills that strengthened my core, my balance and my stability.  And guess what happened!  The weight began to come off, I grew stronger and more confident with every workout.  And there's a bonus when you commit to train with Coach Deb!  During the LIVE workouts in her studio...........we talk.  We talk about life!  So not only did Coach Deb help me gain the strength and confidence to climb the mesas in Moab, Utah, but she helped me grow personally just through our chats during the workouts.  When I was not face to face with Coach Deb, she texted me daily to check in on me.  Ask me how my nutrition was going, how much water I had I drank, how I was feeling physically, etc.  

I went on that running retreat in Moab, Utah in October 2022 and it was amazing!  In 4 days our group covered over 21 miles of hikes through the Moab desert.  I have pictures that cannot even begin to capture the true beauty of the landscape and will never be able to capture the emotion that ran through my soul each day of the trip!  I cried daily.  And NOT because anything was hard or uncomfortable, but because when it was hard and uncomfortable I didn't stop.  I pushed through and made it to the top or to the end of the daily hikes.  


I came home from that trip and although Coach Deb and I completed our responsibility to lead me and coach me and prepare me for that trip, I have continued my training.  My goal is to find another trip to prepare for which I will likely consult with Coach Deb again.  My immediate goal is to move from in- person workouts to being able to receive workout plans from Deb and complete them myself at home.  I will miss the bonus mindfulness coaching that happens with the in-person workouts but I know that I now have built a true and strong friendship with Coach Deb and I can call on her anytime I need to soul search.  


There is sooooooo much more to say as I reflect about my journey to prepare for Moab, Utah.  I'm happy to be recording all of those thoughts and emotions  through my daily practice of journaling.  

I highly recommend contacting Coach Deb for whatever reason or goal you have to reach a healthier lifestyle.  You don't need to be signed up for a running retreat or a triathlon to entertain the idea of hiring a personal trainer and coach.  You simply have to be ready to take the first step in your journey towards a more confident, strong and clear body and mind.  


I am forever grateful for being introduced to Coach Deb and the friendship I have built with her.  One of my goals is to be able to inspire and lead others to a healthier and stronger lifestyle as Coach Deb has done for me.


Thank you Coach!    Forever grateful


 I have been wanting to send this email but have been trying to find the perfect words….after all, what can you say to someone who helped you “reinvent yourself” (LOL, I have been calling our journey the reinvention of Gina!!).  I guess the perfect word is THANK YOU….Thank you for so many things:


  • Listening and not judging – You validated how I felt and let me know it was OK to feel unfulfilled even when it looks like I have everything anyone could want, and let me know this could change (and it did!! 😊).

  • Teaching me that I’m important and pleasing everyone else is nice, but not what’s always best for me – Most important lesson “No! is a full sentence”…. I now realize (thanks to your great examples and advice on perspective) that thinking of yourself is not selfish or neglectful to others, it is a basic need (and right) to be happy.  In doing this, I noticed no one is angry or upset with the changes I have made and the brunt of pleasing others was coming from within and created by me, not from expectations of others.

  • Helping me find JOY!!! – Remember when we first met, you asked what brings me joy and I said “being caught up on my emails at work” ….. I knew right away you were perfect for me because that was definitely not the right answer.  You have shown me that joy is all around me but by not even looking for it, I have been missing it because I was so pre-occupied with other things.  I have found joy in places I have been so many times in the past and have just missed it; THANK YOU for helping me find this, I have missed it and will never let it go.  All of my family and friends are now used to me coming out with “this brings me joy” quite often….it’s nice to validate it and say it out loud when I experience it!!

  • Teaching me to stand up for myself and coaching me on how to do it (and not backing down – especially at work!!) – A light came on for me through your coaching that I’m letting people take advantage of me and then getting mad at the people when it’s really my own fault for never changing it.   You helped me realize I had the power to make changes and the value these changes would bring to my work-life balance, and then took it one step further and coached me on how to communicate the changes I needed and showed me I could do it (and I did!!).


Again, I have to say THANK YOU for all you have done and taught me.  I would say you helped me, but with the knowledge, perspective and positive changes in my thinking, you continue to help me every day.  You are the best!


Deb is a fantastic coach who is helping me re-prioritize how to live life.   She started with taking a thorough inventory of my hopes, struggles and core values that led to a plan we adjust weekly.  She is result oriented and great at helping me change behavior slowly to show up better in my life.  In addition to helping me set achievable goals, Deb is a great resource for books and podcasts that help break unproductive thought patterns.  She is good. She helps you change your behavior and your mindset so you can function at a higher and healthier capacity.  I highly recommend her.



It is difficult to navigate in many ways. Feeling the best in your body is so important. I have been meeting with Deb for the last six weeks. At the beginning I was very stiff and had many “bodyaches “. She spent the time in the beginning, getting to know me and my body and what I could and couldn’t do.

By following her directions for stretching each and every day I am farther along than I ever thought I would be. I can already feel that I’m stronger, my posture is better, but most of all I feel confident in becoming the best version of myself! Deb cares where you are & where you want to be!

She is amazing!!!!



The Best that happened to our family! 


We met the Trimonsters at the Captiva triathlon in September 2016 when both of our boys were 8 and 5 years old. We found out they were from Venice, FL and we are Fort Myers, FL residents; we told Coach Deb Peters we will meet her in Venice for her next season. She couldn’t believe we were willing to travel 1 hour and half every Sunday and we did! 

 Our kids have been with the team since then and we totally love our Trimonsters family. Our kids have competed in different youth triathlons from Naples to Nationals in Ohio.

 Coaches, parents and kids support each other and focus in each individual goal but most importantly and like coach Deb would say “in having fun and being awesome” while the kids learn this amazing sport. 

-The Tison Family 

We started with TriMonsters when our oldest boys were 8 and 6 years old.  We were hesitant to start because our family had never done anything like this before.  Our boys were swimmers, but were excited to try a new sport with three of their favorite things!  We were immediately hooked!  The boys made so many friends and grew confident in their swimming, biking, and running abilities.  The team was so supportive to all of the children and many of the parents raced in triathlons as well.  The following year my husband completed his first sprint triathlon and has gone on to complete Olympic and half and FULL Ironman races.  Our youngest child joined in once he turned 5 years old.  He was determined to race with his brothers!    That year a few of the Mom’s decided to join in on the fun too!  I completed my first Sprint triathlon with support from fellow TriMonster parents.  Triathlon has been the center of some of our favorite memories with our children.  It has become a family obsession!  We are so grateful for Coach Deb, Gene, and Heather!  Our children’s confidence is largely contributed to the TriMonster team.             


My two very different kids have had two very different triathlon experiences so I’ll write both separately

Reece: Reece is a gifted athlete who loves and excels at cycling. TriMonsters Youth Triathlon and Coach Deb have taught him that little things make huge differences in his racing (transitions, speed and hill work just to name a couple). Deb has taught him how to be an example for the younger TriiMonsters and the importance of being a team player. Reece is most looking forward to this year “clipping in” and racing his first Sprint Tri!

Chase is an athlete that has really had to work at triathlon- BUT- the best part of triathlon is that you’re only competing against yourself.! Chase has learned that consistency pays off, especially on the swim!

I can’t recommend the sport of triathlon enough, especially for younger children. Learning to love swimming, cycling, and running will carry you into adulthood! (My kids inspired me to try a Tri as well- though I’d much rather stick with running )

This will be our 5th season and while they have both improved so much, there is still a lot to learn. We are looking forward to getting back out there!!


My daughter Mackenzie joined TriMonsters just before aging up to junior races, but it gave her a great start, particularly in learning the cycling and transition skills. Coach Deb continued to help her prepare for sprint triathlons, qualifying for Age Group Nationals in her first year. She has fallen in love with triathlon and is looking forward to participating in collegiate triathlon in a few years.

We LOVED being a Trimonster with our cousins and great friends!! What a fun time meeting new people, team building and the kids learning their own strengths. Life took them in other directions, but we have the BEST memories from being a Trimonster


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