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Be successful this year

Here we are in 2024, and many of you have set some new health and fitness goals for this year. This year marks my seventeenth season in the fitness industry. January

"New Year's Resolutions " have always bothered me. I think it's because people try to change too much, get discouraged, overwhelmed and disappointed and then quit it all.

Then "next year" try again. It's a self destructive habit loop.

Here are a few tips to stop that from happening to you this year:

  • be specific, then chunk that goal down to tiny pieces

  • have a plan and stick to the plan

  • get a buddy, someone who wants to make the same change you do

  • make one small change each week and get it to stick, if it doesn't don't add something new

  • don't beat yourself up

  • share your goals with your family and friends

  • make a promise to yourself and keep that promise

  • reward yourself for the progress you've made, don't look ahead of what still needs to be done

  • talk positively to yourself, and listen

  • keep a journal

  • plan for obstacles and setbacks

  • come up with a daily, weekly or monthly mantra

  • celebrate your tiny successes

Hope this helps you to make positive changes this year.

As always, if you need help, you know how to reach me.

I would be happy to assist in this journey.


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