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The Mess of Menopause Part 2

Are you here with me?

Stuck in this messy middle of life.

Done with your baby factory years, and now your body has no idea what it is doing.

Who can relate?

Well if you are a woman over the age of fifty for sure ( some in their 40's like I was ) you totally understand. Somewhere between I have my period every other day, then not for three months, then for three weeks straight -the many stages of menopause.

And if that's not where you are now, just wait , it happens to the best of us.

I wish there was a precise recipe to follow for these years, but, unfortunately there is not.

We all are as different as we are the same, which makes it tough for us, and for our doctors.

Rather than trying to pretend that this isn't happening, and hope it goes away, we need to get in the drivers seat and drive this car ourselves. Many of us have spent decades not really being in tune with our bodies, now is a great time to start, and you have no choice. All the medical degrees in the world can be on your team, but you are the one who knows your body best, it has been with you since birth. Now is the best time to take control; the quality and quantity of your future years depends on that.

I specifically used the word MESS here as an acronym for what I believe is the basis for how we can manage this chapter simply. Based on the same framework( Simple 7)

that I use to help my clients adapt to lifestyle and habit change,

MESS is your basic treatment guidelines for a more manageable menopause.

MESS: Movement- Eat- Sleep- Silence the Stress

Move your body mindfully every day.

Eat real whole foods as much as possible.

Sleep 7-9 hours in a cool, dark room every night.

Silence: time away from distractions and stressors.

Give this simple formula a try, it's a great start.

If you need some more guidance, or just know you would need a coach to get started, email MESS to and I will send details for

my Fall Cohort of

Muscle thru Menopause, where we will dive a little deeper.

Until next time!

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