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The MESS of Menopause, Part 1

Ladies, let's talk about something no one talks about.... MENOPAUSE!

Seriously? Our bodies should come with an instruction manual.

Have you ever wondered why, now that you are 50/60 years old, the

things you did to change your body in your 20's and 30's doesn't work?

Well that's because our bodies are virtually not the same bodies.

We have transitioned out of baby manufacturing mode and our hormones

have driven off the track. There is much that we can do about this before

we turn to hormone replacement therapy or other drastic measures.

One thing for sure we can do is give ourselves grace.

We pretty much suck at that.

We are all about blaming ourselves for not having willpower, eating the cookies, or

drinking the wine and not working out, pretty much beating ourselves up

every chance we get.

Right now, I would like to give you permission to let yourself off the hook.

Start telling yourself a new story. Plant some new beliefs in your mind.

Take a deep breath, or two and thank your body for doing the best it can do.

Then, take matters into your own hands: be honest with yourself about

what you can control and decide to make this chapter of your life the

absolute best. With any luck, we will be here for several decades.

I personally, have been in this chapter for about fifteen years, and my body

still does some things I don't understand. I have learned, be it the hard way,

to give myself grace, and not be so focused on the fact that all of my shorts

don't fit, and to be happy about the fact that I can keep up with my eight year

old granddaughter. She doesn't care about the fat around my middle at all!

Join Team Menopause and embrace this phase of your life.

I am determined to make these years the best years, and that will require

some effort on my part. Are you with me?

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