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Kids and sports

WARNING!!! This post is for the parents and grandparents out there who have kids and grandkids in sports, or not. Many sports these days have gotten so competitive, it makes it hard for a kid to just want to play or participate, especially as they get older. Not everyone wants to get a scholarship, make it to an NCAA team, or the NFL, some kids just want to be active and a part of a community. But, we often hear the story, too often, a kid gets cut from a team, or gets discouraged when he doesn't play as well as his/her teammates, and never tries out for something else, and then shies away from physical activity altogether, creating a life long problem.

Triathlon is a great response to this dilemma. And YES, I am triathlon coach, so naturally you would expect me to say that, but humor me for just a second.

Let me take you back to when you were a kid....... You SWAM You BIKED You RAN You were a triathlete and you didn't know it. Kids today don't always do these natural activities that we did. There are many reasons why, insert what applies to you and your family.

Triathlon is not a sport everyone knows about, and I am on a mission to change that, especially for the kids. This year marks my 10th season coaching local kids for triathlon. Some stay for a season, some stay for years, but they all gain self esteem, confidence and the skill of setting goals and working to achieve them.

If you have kids or grandkids that need to find a new sport, or are between seasons in what they love, think about giving triathlon a try. I am happy to coach your young people. DM me for details. Thanks for your time. Coach Deb TriMonsters Youth Triathlon

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