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Have a Coach in your Corner

Life is like an MMA fight Do you ever feel like your life is like an MMA fight? You wake up and all day long you get knocked around and kicked in the face? Life can be hard. We have so many things that keep us busy and distracted. How are we supposed to find time to take care of ourselves? How are we supposed to plan meals, grocery shop, meal prep, drink all the water, workout and meditate?

I will tell you how. It starts with a decision. A decision that tomorrow will be different.

A decision that you are in control.

A decision that your life is up to you.

You can always choose a way that serves you, as well as others. We don't always have to "take one for the team", some of you reading this know exactly what I mean. Self sacrifice is not the answer, I promise you. And it won't change, until you change something, I promise you that too. I know you have tried before and failed. You know what that mixed martial artist has that you don't have? A coach in his/ her corner! Maybe it's time you did that. Had someone that at the end of the day, when you have been beat up and kicked in the face, will speak hope, determination and life into you and help you strategize a new plan for a new day. Someone that will stand with you in the fight of life. Someone who has been through tough times, and came out on the other side a happy, grounded human who takes care of herself as she takes care of others. Launching a new program mid February called, Coach in your Corner Send me a message if you want the details.

Until then, keep fighting.


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