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Choose your HARD

Change is hard, I get it.

As someone who coaches people around their health and wellness, I hear quite often, "this is hard". Yes, change is hard. We get into our familiar patterns, and whether they are good for us or not, we stay in them. We go along with the crowd and do what our friends and families are doing. We are more worried about fitting in than standing out.

Today I challenge you to be the one.

The one in your friend group who takes a stand for her health.

The one in your family who shows others a different, better, healthier way.

The one who sets the pace.

Change is hard.

You know what else is hard?

Managing 15 different prescriptions.

Spending your week going to doctors appointments.

Needing someone else to tie your shoes.

Not being able to play with your grandkids.

Missing out on all the travel you worked your whole life for in retirement.

Letting someone else be in control of your destiny.

You are the expert on YOU.

Maybe it's time you sit in some silence and realize that.

You can make a better way.

You can be vibrant and active well into your sixties, seventies and eighties.

You can do HARD things.

You just have to know WHY you are doing them.

You can change your body and your life, no matter what shape you are in or

how old you are.

I'm right here if you need some help.

I can make it a little easier.

I have walked this path with others.

I have walked it myself.

I'm still walking.

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