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7 Daily Practices to Living Healthier & Happier

Updated: May 20, 2022

My mission is to help women change their lifestyle by encouraging healthier and consistent alternatives to improve their overall health, happiness, energy, and body. Many women struggle with confidence and tend to veer away from the life they truly want to live because they feel their goal may seem far-fetched. With just 7 simple steps, women can reach their goals while feeling motivated to stay consistent in order to prosper into the best versions of themselves. When you get into a habit of practicing these effortless steps, overtime this behavior will become automatic. Especially now more than ever while we are in the midst of a pandemic, there is no better time to work towards a healthier, happier you.


Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential step in helping your body stay healthy and preparing yourself for the day ahead. It is known that sleep is something many people struggle with. Sleep is a significant step in improving your lifestyle therefore, it is vital that you are on the same sleep schedule every night. Once your body is adjusted to a healthy sleep pattern, your overall productivity, concentration, and much more is improved drastically.


It is a known fact that water is crucial to survival. Although more times than not, we neglect to drink enough of it. Rather than giving our bodies what it needs most, we often consume drinks such as coffee and alcohol which dehydrate us. According to Kris Gunnar, health experts recommend the 8×8 rule which is consuming eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

Just Eat Real Food (JERF)

Just Eat Real Food (JERF) simply means eating a diet in which foods are unprocessed and grow from the ground. Day to day many of us are consuming foods that don’t include the proper nutrients that support our health. Getting into the habit of eating clean, real food can change the way you feel and look.


Everyday movement is essential to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Intense exercises are not absolutely necessary. Doing something as simple as going for a long walk is a great way to get your body moving as well as clear your head.

Time In Nature

Spending time outside surrounded by nature and fresh air is extremely beneficial for improving your overall health and wellness. This can help reduce stress by simply just sitting outside and admiring the outdoors.


It is especially important to recognize all you have to be thankful for. When you acknowledge all you have to be grateful for, this can improve your overall mood and mindset. Finding the time to stop and think about everything you have; it is known that your all in all happiness will be recognized.

“Me Time”

Mentally, everyone needs time for themselves. Keeping up with your mental health is one of the most beneficial things you can do in life. It is important that you take the time every day to spend time alone, away from the chaos and everyday struggles. Having “me time” can also be beneficial to your relationships with others, as you are taking the time to better yourself and your happiness.

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