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Deb Peters Coaching

Helping you live longer stronger 



Summer 2024

Let this be the year you 

Find Your Inner Athlete

Mobility & Muscles
July 2024


Take your body to the next level by learning to reset your nervous system to move safely and intentionally

Women Stretching


Deb Peters Coaching

About Deb Peter Coaching

Deb Peters Coaching is passionate about helping you feel comfortable and confident in your body, now and always.


All you need to do is take the first step,
I’ll help you figure out the rest

Deep down we all want to be better, to live a more vibrant and energized life as the best version of ourselves. We all want to feel comfortable and confident in ourselves, and our bodies. Over time life gets complicated and we get sidetracked by believing that becoming our best self seems out of reach. The amount of information is overwhelming, confusing and frustrating.

As time passes, so do our priorities, and the tactics that worked in the past do nothing for our bodies of today. I will help you find the inspiration you need to make the necessary changes so you can be excited for each new day.

How can I help you achieve your goals?

Most people struggle with making positive changes. Perhaps they do not know how to, or they do not have the support or the confidence to believe in their own success. My approach to working with clients is very holistic, helping you to live in balance with your mind, body and spirit.

Together, we will develop a plan that leads you to your best you, your authentic self. 

Change your story 

Five years and 80 pounds ago I made a New Years' resolution to lose weight. I had NO idea where to start. I was overwhelmed by just the thought of starting. By luck and probably some help from a guardian angel, I met a coach who would change my life, and worked in my building so I couldn’t hide from her 😉.


She taught me how to eat better, make healthy choices, and build muscle. I worked out with her three times a week (I miss my workout ladies!). That year I lost 50lbs! Coach Debbie Peters taught me I could do it and showed me how!


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