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Fitness is not one size fits all.

In some respects we are all the same.

In many respects we are vastly different.

Our bodies all have the same pieces and parts.

How we are able to utilize those pieces and parts varies considerably.

Age has nothing to do with it.

I have had thirty year old clients who are more restricted in their bodies

than some of my seventy year old clients.

We all have the same ability to move in a variety of different ways.

Muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

When we begin a workout program, all we typically think about is muscle.

Although muscle is important to consider, I challenge you that if you don't

consider muscles partners you could end up injured.

Tendons connect your muscles to your bones.

Ligaments connect your bones to other bones.

Nerves should slide and glide easily and assist you in moving freely.

Often times when we are weak, or tight or in pain, it is simply

a communication problem in your nervous system.

This is where applied neurology comes into play.

Using your vision and vestibular systems to decrease pain and

increase performance is an edge you need and want.

Your nervous system governs all of the other systems in your body.

It is simple to learn how to give your body new inputs

that result in better outputs.

It's a little "woowoo" as some of my clients like to tell me,

but those who use it and see the benefit LOVE IT.

The more tools in your toolbox the better.

Is it time to update your toolbox?

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