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Meet Ava

At the time of this picture she was 5 years old and about to jump into the Gulf of Mexico for her first open water event.


This wasn't the first heart to heart, eye to eye, conversation we had that morning.

It was however the last time I had to talk her out of the carseat.

On that day Ava learned that you do not have to let your fears stop you.


She was scared, she admitted that.

She did it anyway.

And this is what happened after the race, haha!!

Guess she left it all out there on the beach.


Triathlon was a great sport for Ava, her siblings, and dozens of other kids who have been through this program over the past ten years.


It will be a great sport for your kids or grandkids too.

It would be my honor to coach your young people.

Coach Deb

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