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Plans & Pricing

  • ALL ABOUT ME Group

    ALL ABOUT ME 2023 7 Week Group Program
    Valid for 7 weeks
    • Weekly group calls
    • Weekly shopping guides and recipes
    • Movement videos for mobility, flexibility and strength
    • Lifestyle tips including stress management and sleep
  • ALL ABOUT ME 2023

    10 weeks Private Coaching
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 1:1 strategy call each week
    • text support throughout the week
    • personalized exercise, stress management & lifestyle tips


1 Month One-on-One Coaching Program

Shift is a 30-day self-paced coaching that is offered quarterly in a group format.  This program provides an introduction to habit-based coaching for those who want to learn what it’s all about. This is NOT a weight loss program, but rather an opportunity to learn and practice some of the basic tools that will help you reach your life and health goals.

This program will be delivered to your inbox weekly so that you can implement it as your schedule allows.

At the end of this group program,   you can choose to enter into a one-on-one coaching program or purchase a concierge coaching program.  Schedule a strategy call so we can figure out what is best for you and your goals.

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3 Month One-on-One Coaching Program

This package is perfect if you’re looking for accountability, want to learn fundamental habits that will lead to long-term, sustainable change, and are ready to invest the time in your own well-being. You’ll experience what it’s like to make real change, develop new habits, and change your relationship with your body.

Once you have completed this program you don’t have to continue on your own.  You can extend your program a few more months, or sign up for my concierge coaching package for added support.


6 Month One-on-One Coaching Program


Over the course of this six-month program, we go deeper into the mental and emotional work, and we spend more time on individual habits to find the best way to apply them to your lifestyle. Changing habits and behavior patterns takes time, and in this program, we will focus on establishing mindset and behavior patterns that you can apply throughout your life. We are always striving for the next best version of ourselves, and this program sets the groundwork for that.

What To Expect During Training: 

"As a personal trainer, my style of training is functional movement patterns.  What that means is I incorporate into the workout moves that mimic daily life, movements that will help you with your activities of daily living. I will always be more concerned with your overall health and wellness, as well as your fitness level.  I focus on correcting any imbalances, creating more flexibility and range of motion, and protecting your joints and ligaments. I am a stickler for proper form and postural alignment and will always work on creating awareness of where your body is in space so that you can "feel" yourself in proper alignment and position rather than "see " that you are.

You will be amazed by what an awesome piece of equipment your body is.   It is recommended that you start with Just Move, then, if desired, continue onto Get Strong & Lean.  

If you feel you need personalized help, then option number three, ALL ABOUT YOU, is for you.  You will receive both programs and also work one-on-one with me as your coach to make changes and progressions along the way."

-Coach Deb Peters

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